AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz Review

In the following article we review AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz features and specifications. We will help you decide whether you should consider the AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz as your next CPU or not. To that end we review its Multi Thread Performance, Connectivity, Single Thread Performance and Power Efficiency.

There are a few other similar CPUs that you highly advised to take a look at including AMD Phenom 955, Intel Pentium G4600 3.6GHz, AMD FX-Series FX-4350 4.2GHz, AMD Athlon X3 440, AMD FX-4130 3.8GHz and AMD Athlon X3 460 3.4GHz.

Multi Thread Performance

In this section we examine AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s Multi Thread Performance.

Better than 25% of the CPUs, 29% are better than it.
Cores Count
pretty average
Better than 12% of the CPUs, 52% are better than it.
Threads Count
below average
The bottom line is that AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz has goodish Multi Thread Performance.
Single Thread Performance

In the following we evaluate AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s Single Thread Performance.

Better than 19% of the CPUs, 81% are better than it.
CPU Architecture
relatively horrible
AMD A-Series A12
Better than 50% of the CPUs, 50% are better than it.
Clock Speed
relatively unpleasant
3.1 GHz
Better than 81% of the CPUs, 14% are better than it.
L2 Size
really solid
2 MB
Better than 66% of the CPUs, 34% are better than it.
Max Clock Speed
3.8 GHz
From analysing AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s features, we found that AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz has a little below average Single Thread Performance.
Power Efficiency

In this section we review AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s Power Efficiency.

Better than 87% of the CPUs, 2% are better than it.
35 W
Better than 18% of the CPUs, 82% are better than it.
Process technology
28 nm
To sum it all, AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s Power Efficiency is acceptable.

We have analyzed AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz’s specfications and features and concluded that with goodish Multi Thread Performance, really solid Connectivity, quite average Single Thread Performance and acceptable Power Efficiency, AMD A-Series A12-9800E 3.1GHz has good bottom line score.

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