Campfire Audio Lyra II Headphones Review

In the following review we take a look at Campfire Audio Lyra II Headphones features and specifications. This review will help you decide whether the Campfire Audio Lyra II is worth considering for purchase or not. To that end we review its Sound Quality and Portability.

Make sure you for you to also check some other competing Headphones including Shure SE846, AKG K495 NC, Audio Technica ATH-DSR9BT, Audeze iSINE20, Westone UM Pro 50 and DITA Audio The Answer Truth Edition.

Sound Quality

In this section we review the Sound Quality of Campfire Audio Lyra II.

Better than 0% of the Headphones, 4% are better than it.
Driver Type
From analysing Campfire Audio Lyra II’s features, we found that Campfire Audio Lyra II’s Sound Quality is very solid.
Bottom Line

To sum it all, with fabulous Sound Quality and wonderful Portability, Campfire Audio Lyra II has very solid bottom line performance.

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