EMTEC E100 Android Headphones Review

In this review we review EMTEC E100 Android Headphones specfications and features. This review will help you decide whether the EMTEC E100 Android is worth considering as your next Headphones or not. To that end we analyze the EMTEC E100 Android’s Portability and Sound Quality.

There are a couple of other similar Headphones that you should consider including Philips SHB4405, Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2.0, Philips SHE3205, KitSound Ribbons, Mpow Swift and Sony MDR-ZX310.


In the following we take a look at the Portability of EMTEC E100 Android.

Better than 0% of the Headphones, 39% are better than it.
Wireless Connectivity
relatively below average
Wired (No)
To conclude, EMTEC E100 Android’s Portability is good.
Sound Quality

In the following we talk about the Sound Quality of EMTEC E100 Android.

Better than 18% of the Headphones, 82% are better than it.
Driver Diameter
9.2 mm
Better than 12% of the Headphones, 29% are better than it.
Max Frequency
20000 Hz
Better than 6% of the Headphones, 93% are better than it.
90 dB/mW
Better than 12% of the Headphones, 34% are better than it.
Min Frequency
slightly below average
20 Hz
Over all, EMTEC E100 Android’s Sound Quality is a bit below average.
Bottom Line

To sum it all, we have evaluated the features of the EMTEC E100 Android and we sum up that with good Portability and somewhat below average Sound Quality, EMTEC E100 Android has average bottom line score.

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