Gamdias Hebe Headphones Review

In the following review we take a look at Gamdias Hebe features and specifications. We will help you decide whether the Gamdias Hebe is worth considering as your next Headphones or not. To that end we analyze its Sound Quality and Portability.

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Sound Quality

In the following we analyze Gamdias Hebe’s Sound Quality.

Better than 52% of the Headphones, 16% are better than it.
Driver Diameter
40 mm
Better than 25% of the Headphones, 67% are better than it.
relatively below par
100 dB/mW
Better than 12% of the Headphones, 29% are better than it.
Max Frequency
slightly below average
20000 Hz
Better than 12% of the Headphones, 34% are better than it.
Min Frequency
20 Hz
To sum it all, Gamdias Hebe’s Sound Quality is average.

In the following we explore Gamdias Hebe’s Portability.

Better than 0% of the Headphones, 39% are better than it.
Wireless Connectivity
Wired (No)
The bottom line is that Gamdias Hebe has good Portability.

With normal Sound Quality and pleasant Portability, Gamdias Hebe has good over all quality.

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