Jays t-Jays One Review

In this article we talk about Jays t-Jays One Headphones features and specifications. We will help you decide whether you should consider the Jays t-Jays One as your next Headphones or not. To that end we analyze its Sound Quality and Portability.

There are a couple of other competing Headphones that you may also look at like Monster iSport Superslim, Bose SoundLink OE, Sony MDR-ZX110, JBL T110, Goji GTCINBT-16 and Awei A920BL.

Sound Quality

In the following we explore Jays t-Jays One’s Sound Quality.

Better than 15% of the Headphones, 82% are better than it.
96 dB/mW
Better than 19% of the Headphones, 73% are better than it.
Driver Diameter
10 mm
Better than 12% of the Headphones, 29% are better than it.
Max Frequency
a bit below average
20000 Hz
Better than 66% of the Headphones, 29% are better than it.
Min Frequency
above average
18 Hz
Better than 0% of the Headphones, 4% are better than it.
Driver Type
To sum it all, Jays t-Jays One’s Sound Quality is normal.

In this section we take a look at the Portability of Jays t-Jays One.

Better than 0% of the Headphones, 39% are better than it.
Wireless Connectivity
relatively below par
Wired (No)
Better than 92% of the Headphones, 7% are better than it.
top notch
8 g
From analysing Jays t-Jays One’s features, we found that Jays t-Jays One’s Portability is pleasant.

To conclude, we have analyzed Jays t-Jays One’s specfications and features and concluded that with ok Sound Quality and pleasant Portability, Jays t-Jays One has above average over all score.

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