MSI GeForce 760 GPUs Review

In the following review we review MSI GeForce 760 GPUs features and specifications. This brief review will help you decide whether the MSI GeForce 760 is worth considering as your next GPUs or not. To that end we analyze the MSI GeForce 760’s Performance.

It is highly recommended looking at some other similarly priced GPUs including MSI Radeon Aero ITX, Elgato Game Capture HD60, MSI GeForce V1, Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD, Elgato Video and Hauppauge WinTV HVR-5525.


In this section we discuss the Performance of MSI GeForce 760.

Better than 33% of the GPUs, 67% are better than it.
Core Frequency
relatively unpleasant
1085 MHz
Better than 43% of the GPUs, 53% are better than it.
Shaders Count
Better than 18% of the GPUs, 58% are better than it.
Memory Size
relatively poor
Better than 54% of the GPUs, 46% are better than it.
Memory Bandwidth
192.2 GB/s
Better than 35% of the GPUs, 65% are better than it.
Graphics Architecture
GeForce GTX 760
To conclude, MSI GeForce 760’s Performance is normal.
In closing

To sum it all, we have analyzed the specfications and features of the MSI GeForce 760 and concluded that with normal Performance, MSI GeForce 760 has beyond average bottom line score.

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