Xgody G11 Review

In the following article we talk about Xgody G11 Phone specfications and features. This review will help you decide whether the Xgody G11 is worth considering for purchase or not. To that end we analyze its Camera, Features, Screen Quality, Ergonomics, Performance and Battery Life.

In addition to the Xgody G11 we also suggest that you also take a look at a few other competing Phones like Nokia 230 Dual SIM, Geemarc CL8500, Doro PhoneEasy 632, Doro PhoneEasy 631, Cat B30 and Panasonic KX-TU150.


In this section we take a look at the Performance of Xgody G11.

Better than 31% of the Phones, 28% are better than it.
Processor Cores Count
Quad Core
To sum it all, Xgody G11’s Performance is pleasant.
To Conclude

To conclude, we have reviewed Xgody G11’s specfications and features and found that with awesome Camera, magnificent Features, wonderful Screen Quality, immensely solid Ergonomics, pleasant Performance and immensely solid Battery Life, Xgody G11 has fabulous bottom line performance.

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