ZTE Nubia Z11 Review

In this review we talk about ZTE Nubia Z11 Phone features and specifications. We will help you decide whether you should shortlist ZTE Nubia Z11 as your next Phone or not. To that end we review the ZTE Nubia Z11 ‘s Ergonomics, Screen Quality, Battery Life, Performance, Features and Camera.

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Screen Quality

In this section we analyze ZTE Nubia Z11 ‘s Screen Quality.

Better than 30% of the Phones, 20% are better than it.
Screen Resolution
beyond average
1080×1920 pixels
The bottom line is that ZTE Nubia Z11 ‘s Screen Quality is lovely.
Battery Life

In this section we discuss the Battery Life of ZTE Nubia Z11 .

Better than 58% of the Phones, 28% are better than it.
Battery Capacity
3000 mAh
Better than 30% of the Phones, 20% are better than it.
Fast Charging Support
more than average
To sum it all, ZTE Nubia Z11 ‘s Battery Life is good.

In this section we take a look at ZTE Nubia Z11 ‘s Performance.

Better than 31% of the Phones, 28% are better than it.
Processor Cores Count
Quad Core
Better than 92% of the Phones, 1% are better than it.
RAM Size
top class
6144 MB
To conclude, ZTE Nubia Z11 has remarkable Performance.
Final Words

We have reviewed the specfications and features of the ZTE Nubia Z11 and concluded that with wonderful Ergonomics, remarkable Screen Quality, good Battery Life, wonderful Performance, fabulous Features and immensely solid Camera, ZTE Nubia Z11 has lovely over all quality.

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